Ferrari 488
exhaust system

Tubi Style Valvetronic Exhaust Control Unit

with by pass valves

Ferrari Driver Academy

porsche 911 (991)

turbo and turbo s

exhaust system

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Focus On: Restauro d’epoca – Classic cars restoration parts

Maranello does not stand alone in Tubi Style history. There is an entire district: the Motor Valley of Modena, where every sound calls to mind the roar of an engine. In this singular area, every bend, every road and every person has a story to tell about motors, famous names and epic characters. Living and working in an environment such as this means we can be proud of an unequalled intrinsicmotoristic cultural factor that manifests in the extraordinary abilities our team demonstrates every day in the advanced technicial skills that characterise our suppliers. Continue reading “Restauro d’epoca – Classic cars restoration parts” »

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