Ferrari 488 GTB and Spider exhaust system

Ferrari 488 GTB and Spider exhaust system



WEIGHT:             -5,5 kg

Dyno test done on a 488 GTB equipped with the following Tubi Style parts and no ECU modifications

  • TSFE488GTBC15.013.A                Ferrari 488 competition test pipes
  • TSFE488GTBC16.023.A                Ferrari 488 blue titanium quad tips set                                          
  • TSFE488GTBC16.003.AV             Ferrari 488 4 ends straight pipes exhaust w valves



There are two Tubi Style product lines dedicated to 488 GTB and Spider:

  • the quad tips product line, the more extreme version, with a specific titanium 4 tips set, with an aggressive blue treatment. On this product line it is only available a straight pipes muffler solution, that must be bought together with the tips
  • the OE tips version, that associate the classic Tubi Style sound to the OE twin-tips, with the possibility to use silenced mufflers or straight pipes solution
  • both products can be used with our Catalytic Converter Solutions: due to the introduction of turbo system, the only way to obtain louder solution is to substitute the full exhaust line  starting from the catalytic converter.

There are no differences between GTB and Spider Tubi Style products, that can be mounted on both versions.


Ferrari 488 GTB and Spider quad tips exhaust

  • TSFE488GTBC16.023.A                Ferrari 488 blue titanium quad tips set                                
  • TSFE488GTBC16.003.AV             Ferrari  488 straight pipes 4 ends exhaust

We recommend you pair it with our Valvetronic ExCU and competition test pipes to boost sound impact and versatility to the max.



Ferrari 488 GTB and Spider OE tips version

  • TSFE488GTBC15.003.AV               488 EXHAUST w VALVE                               
  • TSFE488GTBC15.004.AV               488 STRAIGHT PIPES EXHAUST w VALVES


Ferrari 488 GTB and Spider test pipes and catalytic converters

  • TSFE488GTBC15.303.A       Ferrari 488 200 cells race catalytic converters set             
  • TSFE488GTBC15.013.AS     Ferrari 488 silenced competition test pipes
  • TSFE488GTBC15.013.A       Ferrari 488 competition test pipes


Here an example of the sound of our exhaust only with mufflers.

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