Discover the world of Tubi Style: passion and emotion for the sound and performance of your car.

Firsthand experience of the racing world, an aftermarket focus, a passion for the sound of the world’s most powerful supercar engines and the unparalleled Made in Italy quality workmanship ethic: four very good reasons why Tubi Style products are market leaders! Mufflers, exhaust manifolds, tailpipes, catalytic converters: Tubi Style’s aftermarket exhaust systems are the top of the range for supercars and extreme sports cars of all kinds. So hit the gas and listen to your engine go….you can’t go wrong – the TUBI SOUND is pure emotion! The Tubi Style straddles range mufflers, exhaust manifolds, tailpipes and catalytic converters, divided into three categories according to car type and use. All the various components in Tubi Style’s exhaust systems – i.e. exhaust manifolds, mufflers, tailpipes, catalytic converters – contribute to creating the truly distinctive TUBI SOUND, a symbol of boundless passion and unmistakable quality that has set the benchmark for the international aftermarket sector. Enter a world of passion and emotion, enter the Tubi Style products world.

Exhaust Manifolds

The Tubi Style exhaust manifold plays an essential role in boosting the power of naturally-aspirated engines.

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The Tubi Style muffler is offered available for super cars of all kinds. That said, we take an absolutely bespoke approach to meeting the needs of each individual client.  

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The Tubi Style tips are fully customizable, including in terms of their look. Clients can select the shape, treatments and materials to suit their own personal style.

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Catalytic Converters

The Tubi Style catalytic converter is also a custom component. Two types are available to help cut emissions without impinging on engine sound.

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Others Exhaust Components

Tubi Style produces endless other variants developed and customized to suit each client and each car’s individual requirements.

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Focus On


Porsche Club GT championship 2021 started with Mugello race on a wet track, and with a stunning number of 52 participants. Tubi Style is the official sponsor of this Event, open to every Porsche Clubs subscriber in Europe. The secret of the success of this series? Fast Laps, categories that permit to every Porsche owner to race, the car tuning and the perfect organization that permits to every gentleman driver to feel the Motorsport experience as a PRO.

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Other Services

New generations

Tubi Style is hugely committed to the research and development of products for new generation cars, to ensure it offers the most highly evolved and customized exhaust systems on the market. You’ll hear and appreciate the difference in the pure TUBI SOUND.


Tubi Style also offers a slew of excellent solutions for historic cars designed to meet the needs of collectors of all kinds. Thanks to our knowledge of historic materials, artisanal constructors and all the original Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati parts, we can actually remake any spare part to look like the original. As an option, we can replace the original exhaust system with an aftermarket product, to guarantee Tubi Style sound and performance, and preserving the substituted original equipment

1980s to 2000s:

With an eye to purchasing budgets, Tubi Style also offers a range of functional yet uncompromising products designed specifically for supercars built in the 1980s-90s and noughties, as these are also the latest rising stars of the pre-owned market

Tubi style exhaust systems and all our exhaust components allow cars built by the world’s leading and most prestigious marques to be customized with the signature “tubi sound”: alfa – audi - aston martin – bentley – lamborghini – ferrari – maserati – bmw – abarth – and many more besides!