The Tubi Style muffler is offered available for super cars of all kinds. That said, we take an absolutely bespoke approach to meeting the needs of each individual client.

After an initial analysis using CFD software, Tubi Style can develop two or three different customized prototypes  which are then optimized in-car to deliver the desired TUBI SOUND. Choose your Tubi Style muffler from the following options:

  • With or without by-pass valves, to reduce sound at specific rpms;
  • “Loud version”, the conformation of the inside of the muffler box is modified to boost noise levels;
  • “Tube-only”, a system that creates a direct link to the engine, eliminating the muffler box.

All Tubi Style mufflers are available in polished stainless steel and can also be ordered in Inconel which is resistant to high temperatures. This means the pipes themselves can be thinner, cutting their weight. A high-tech brushed, extremely light titanium version is also available.