The big 3-0 is coming up and we’re planning to celebrate in style!

Tubi Style is 30 years in business in 2017 and, to mark that milestone and  consolidate our position as the leading manufacturer of aftermarket supercar exhausts, we are planning a major revamp.

From restyling the company logo to launching a whole new website, newsletter service, materials graphics and packaging look,  the company is working hard to make its communications with its clients more effective than ever as well as to efficiently present its many different activities.

Tubi Style’s passion for engines, their exhilarating sound and the ability to showcase artisanal skill and Italian styling in its designs have always been the core values of the company. Values that it shares with its clients. This is why we’ve created the special TUBI STYLE WELCOME PACK area in our new website which rewards clients and their loyalty to the brand.

Tubi Style is about to turn 30 and the celebrations have begun!