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The catalogue lists all our best-selling products: mufflers, exhaust manifolds, racing catalysts for Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. But that’s not all! Tubi Style, in fact, is specialized in the creation of custom exhaust systems. Every day we design and develop prototypes of unique exhaust systems, which are created to meet specific needs.


Exhaust manifolds

Racing catalysts

Catalogue brands

Tubi Style was born in Maranello, with a strong specialization in all the Motor Valley brands.
Our range later extended to Porsche, thanks to the prestigious collaboration with Champion Motorsport, and to other prestigious Italian and German sports car brands.

Featured products

Ferrari 296 GTB

The line dedicated to the 296 GTB is entirely made of Inconel®, a steel alloy resistant to higher temperatures which allows the use of much thinner material in terms of thickness, thus reducing the weight of the muffler. At the same time, Inconel® guarantees significantly higher reliability than titanium, and provides a full and vibrant sound, characteristic of steel.

Ferrari F8 Tributo

The F8 Tributo is a Ferrari that marks an epochal passage in the history of the horse brand: the last 8-cylinder berlinetta & last car with a fully internal combustion engine. Thanks to the Tubi Style exhaust, the F8 has a completely different sound!

Porsche 992 GT3

The Porsche 992 GT3 is the sportiest model in the entire Porsche range, designed for those customers who want to experience the extreme conditions of the track. Tubi Style offers an equally extreme solution, the most powerful Inconel® solution on the market.

Huracan STO muffler

The Huracan continues the path that leads it to move the bar beyond its limits, thanks to the STO version. Tubi Style completes the concept by going beyond the standard sound barrier, with the timbre that characterizes us.