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Tubi Style’s history has deep roots in the Motor Valley, we were founded in 1987 as a racing car preparation company.
Over the years, our products have become world champions countless times in the most important and famous competitions: Formula 1, MotoGP, Off Shore Class 1, Endurance GT world championships and Sports prototypes.
From these victories, the heart of Tubi Style was born: the customization of exhaust systems. We were the first to offer supercar tuning products with a globalized sales network. Today we are among the most recognized producers of “tuning” mufflers and we collaborate with the most important manufacturers in the world to design and directly supply the standard equipment.


From 1987 to today, our racing department has represented the heart of the company. This is where we test new technologies and materials to transfer all the know-how into solutions for our customers, aftermarket and OE.

With them, we have won all the most important championships in the world, from the off shore class 1 – won for the first time in 1994 – up to the 24h of Lemans in 2023, passing through hundreds of victories, including the most prestigious in Formula 1, in MotoGP and in the FIA GT world championships.


The aftermarket proposal was originally born from the adaptation of our motorsport systems on series cars and evolves following a path guided by the needs of our customers, without, however, losing its initial spirit.

A Tubi Style product is, first of all, a technical product that must guarantee all the purposes for which it is created: sound, performance, reliability, aesthetic pleasure and assembly but not only that: Tubi Style is also all the assistance we know how to give before, during and after purchasing our product.

Vintage restoration

Our proximity to the Ferrari factory, combined with the experience of our technicians, has allowed us to build solid and specific skills on historic Ferrari products. Every day, we take care of restorations of drains, tanks and pipes of Cavallino’s works of art. The Vintage Restoration department guarantees the creation of components with the technologies and materials of the reference era, and the certification of classic cars.

Italian craftsmanship, the value of historical excellence

All Tubi Style components (manifolds, silencers, catalysts, tailpipes, etc.) are made exclusively in Italy in our factories in Maranello. The historical prototype manager – Michele Leo himself – continues to create the first prototypes of each product, with the inestimable added value of his care and experience, and directly follows each stage of the manufacturing process, from design to the last creation.

Certified quality, a value at the service of our customers.

All Tubi Style production complies with the highest quality standards in compliance with international standards. Above all, it aims to guarantee and increase the satisfaction of the end customer and does so through compliance with a precise and tested method, thanks to which it is possible to certify the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes, the sale and also of the provision of the service, including after-sales.