New Toyota Supra exhaust by Tubi Style will be showed at Essen Motor Show.

You can discover our product at Ring Racing Stand, where you can ask for more information directly to our German Distributor, Sicom Automotive.

Tubi Style exhaust design is actually the only available design that guarantee that exhaust gases flow through both end tips.

Toyota Supra OE exhaust is a low cost single valve design, where the right end tip is directly closed by the valve.

Tubi Style design permits a perfect plug & play solution, where our improved layout guarantee a perfect symmetry of exhaust flows, with a better performance of the engine system. It means that you will achieve a better sound, a performance increase in the mid-range with no ECU remap. When a professional tuner is working on special engine upgrade projects, the same layout permits stunning performance improvement.

This exhaust permits to achieve a louder and emotional sound, inside homologation limits. We already passed homologation tests with TUV, and we are waiting for official homologation within next few months. This last step will guarantee the perfect product: a legal customization of performance and sound, and an extreme solution for professional tuner that are focusing their work on extreme performances.

The end tips must be bought apart, and they are available polished, brushed, black or bronzed.

As an extra update, also central pipes are available. The Y shape has been improved to work together with our exhaust and obtain the best result, but it can also be fitted together with the standard rear exhaust. The solution has no Gasoline Particulate Filter, and it is not legal for street use in many countries.

Starting from January 2020, the Toyota Supra product line will be completed by a downpipe that delete the OE catalytic converter, a downpipe with a 300 cells race catalytic converter, and a straight pipes muffler without valve: these products will be available only for extreme tuning, not allowed for street use.