Tubi Style propose a new exhaust kit dedicated to F430. The new kit includes also the Tubi Style valvetronic system, the solution that permits to take the control of Ferrari Sound.

The ExCU Tubi Style is also sold separately, and it can be fitted both on F430 and 430 Scuderia models. The ExCU is shipped together with the harnesses and the installation bracket.

MAX POWER:         +21 HP
MAX TORQUE:       +12 Nm
WEIGHT:                   -12 kg

Dyno test done on a F430 equipped with the following Tubi Style parts



TSFE430C09.003.I            INCONEL F430 HEADERS SET


Tubi Style F430 products are specifically designed to reduce the vibrational failures of the OE exhaust.

The Tubi Style double muffler solution is an evolution derived from 458. With this solution, we reduced the free (without brackets) length of the pipes, the most important the root causes of the failures.

Tubi Style also proposes different headers that associate the inconel material to the Tubi design, and guarantee the best mechanical performance at high temperatures. In addition, in this case we obtained an important reliability upgrade, respect to the OE exhaust manifolds.

Please, notice that when you mount our F430 products you must also change all the old exhaust supports with new OE supports. Supports should be updated at the last release available on the Ferrari spare parts catalogue.

All the parts fit both on F430 coupé and spider. Please notice that Tubi Style headers are without pre-catalytic converter, and can be mounted without hazard warning lights both on F430 and 430 Scuderia.

TSFE430C05.050.VC          F430 and 430 Scuderia Valvetronic ExCU kit

TSFE430C05.000.VC          F430 exhaust with valves and Valvetronic ExCU

TSFE430C05.003.A              F430 exhaust with valves.

TSFE430C05.003.AS           F430 homologated exhaust with valves.                            

TSFE430C05.903.A              F430 exhaust w/o valves.                             

TSFE430CO7.000.IT            F430 inconel straight pipes exhaust

TSFE430C05.013.A               F430 competition test pipes

TSFE430C09.003.I               F430 inconel headers set

With this final video you can appreciate the differences between OE sound and Tubi sound