MAX POWER:         +5 HP

MAX TORQUE:       +3 Nm

WEIGHT:                   -6 kg

Dyno tested on a Maserati GranTurismo S MY2015 equipped with the following Tubi Style parts and no ECU modifications
TSMAGRTC08.003.AR   Maserati GranTurismo mufflers loud version w/o valve, with oval tips


Tubi Style propose two diffrent product lines, with two different end tips

  • double circle tips
  • single big oval tip

Both product lines can be mounted on every Maserati GranTursimo and GranCabrio (also called GranTursimo convertible) models:

  • automatic gearbox or CambioCorsa
  • 4.2 engine or 4.7 engine

Every no-valve exhaust can be realized in titanium as a make to order product.


Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio exhaust with double circle tips

  • TSMAGRTC07.003.A      Maserati GranTurismo no valve mufflers  set w double circle tips
  • TSMAGRTC07.003.AR   Maserati GranTurismo loud no valve mufflers set w double circle tips
  • TSMAGRTC07.003.AV   Maserati GranTurismo w valve mufflers  set w double circle tips


Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio exhaust with oval tips

  • TSMAGRTC08.003.A      Maserati GranTurismo no valve mufflers set w oval tips
  • TSMAGRTC08.003.AR   Maserati GranTurismo no valve loud mufflers  set w oval tips


With the solution w/o valve, the exhaust system will always work as it is setted the “sport mode”.