Tubi Style propose two new exhaust product ranges dedicated to Porsche 718, based on two different concept. A range of “bolt on” performance products, to substitute OE components, and a range of motorsport derived products, that permit to achieve the best perormance in terms of weight reduction, and power gain.




This exhaust system substitute both the OE central and rear exhaust. Tubi Style exhaust system propose a single exhaust line on the right of the car, that substitute the two OE lines.

This exhaust architecture permits an important weight reduction, and  additionallyreduces the exhaust counter pressure, due to a most linear solution.

To achieve this result, the kit includes both central and rear exhaust. The central exhaust is equipped with a 200 cells race catalytic converter, and the rear exhaust is availabel with two different configurations:

  • TSPOBOX16.050.VC – exhaust valve with electric actautor and Tubi Style valvetronic control unit – this system can be mounted on every 718 car model.  The kit will be piloted only by the Tubi remote control or Tubi APP. When this system is mounted on a car equipped with the optional Porsche sport exhaust,  the exhaust flap will be no more controlle with the sport mode.
  • TSPOBOXS16.081.AV – pneumatic valve – this system can only be mounted on cars equipped with the sport exhaust system. The valve will piloted with the sport mode, as the OE flap. Tubi Style valvetronic control unit is not included into this kit.



The standard product range offer the following solutions:


The kit includes left and right bolt on mufflers. There are two versions of this kit:

  • TSPOBOXS16.001.A – mufflers without valve –  the system work always in the louder configuratrion. There is no valve, and it can also be fitted on cars equipped with Porsche Sport exhaust system. In this case the sport mode will no more  regulate the exhaust sound, that will always be loud.
  • TSPOBOXS16.051.VC – mufflers with electric valve – this system  is perfect for Porsche 718 owner that want to upgrade their exhaust system to a solution similar to Porsche Sport exhaust system. This system includes Tubi Style valvetronic control unit. The kit will be piloted by the Tubi remote control or Tubi APP.





TSPOBOXS16.002.A – Porsche 718 centre exhaust is a easy to fit bolt on solution. The product includes a 200 cells race catalytic converter, that permit to mantain a good turbo performance without ECU remap

We are not producing a solution that delete the catalytic converter, because on this engine this solution creates a leak of torque at mid-low rpm, and an ECU remap is needed.