Tubi Style, Maranello and Ferrari: Italian lifestyle, beauty, art and culture lie behind the best exhaust systems in the world.

Tubi Style’s history can be traced back to the first of the Drake’s Ferrari factories, with an immediate involvement in motorsport

Tubi Style is a DTS brand (Due Erre Tubi Style), a joint-stock company based in Maranello, which from its 6 plants produces and manufactures components of exhaust systems and oil and petrol tanks for the most prestigious car brands in the world: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Maserati, McLaren and Aston Martin are some of the most important names that we pride ourselves on supplying with our OE components.

Our know-how has a long history, going all the way back to Enzo Ferrari’s first factory in Maranello, where the father of the current majority shareholder of DTS, Enrico Ruini, was working on the then manual production of the first models of the Prancing Horse. In this context, unique skills were forged, combining production models and craftsmanship, flexibility and rigor, passion and determination.

These technical skills from the car world grow and find their ultimate realisation in the world of motorsport, where since the 70s the racing department of the DueErre (as it was then known) has worked alongside all the most important Italian companies in every type of race, from Formula 1 to RC. Over the years we have formed part of the winning technical teams at the 24 Hours of LeMans, Daytona and Spa, to name a few of the most prestigious races. And still today our Partnership with Michelotto makes us feel a part of the many victories of their great cars – the Ferrari 488 GTE and the Ferrari 488 GT3.

The Motorsport branch of the DueErre then branched out to become Tubi Style, an independent company and the first brand worldwide producing aftermarket mufflers for luxury sports cars. Our company was the first to create a standard that united performance, sound and a high quality aesthetic finish to the product, in a world that thought of the muffler as a functional, unrefined object, destined as it was for the underbody. We were the first to carry out sound quality assessments, raising the level of customer expectation to the point that we became an integral part of the development and production line processes of the exhausts of the most exclusive supercar manufacturers in the world, and of the most highly performing teams of the GT world championships.

tubi style ferrari 333 sp
Tubi Style exhaust on Ferrari 333 SP developed by Michelotto, winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona

What does it mean for a company that creates and develops exhaust systems to grow in Maranello

Maranello is a special place. As well as being home to Ferrari, it is a first and foremost a geographical hub which brings together the culture, art and know-how of central and southern Italy, with Northern Italy’s trademark manual and industrial production capabilities, to give rise to unique solutions and products in a fusion of skills, beauty and flavors that have no equal.

All enriched by the tradition that binds this region to the history of the greatest cars of all the world. The entire Western racing car universe gravitates around the history of ‘Il Drake’, which is inextricably linked to Maranello, and here at Tubi Style it shows – in our passion for our work, our desire to excel and to improve and the ability to obtain any result – it’s in our DNA.

If you have a business related to cars, or if you are part of a club of enthusiasts, it is a foregone conclusion: at a certain point in your life, you will plan a special and unique holiday in order to visit Maranello, see the places where the Ferrari myth was born and visit their museums. You will want to breathe in the scent of this land, savor its flavors, listen to the sound of Ferrari cars, and fill your eyes with Italian beauty.

Tubi Style is part of this dream, and you will find traces of it in many places, traces that you will not always know how to recognise, but that we will gladly help you identify.

Maranello is the town of Ferrari and Tubi Style
Ferrari factory in Maranello – Photo by Alessio Montemurro

Starting out from the Ferrari factory in Maranello, the right way to go about understanding Tubi Style

Italian Food and Lifestyle

We will try to lay out for you a path that will help you discover the smells and flavors of our lands, beginning with our farmhouses – birthplaces of our most famous products, including Parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic vinegar and ham. In this regard, no starting point is better than the beating heart of Maranello, the Ferrari factory.

The Maranello Palace hotel is located right in front of the Ferrari factory in Maranello, on the less historic but more scenic side, where the wind tunnel is located. This location will give you a sense of the atmosphere of the Ferrari factory – you will feel the air vibrate when the prototype Ferraris glide around the factory, and can easily come and greet us: the Tubi Style plant dedicated to the aftermarket is located right next to the hotel, and we will be delighted to welcome you (with a little advance warning!).

From the Maranello Palace hotel you can plan your excursions, not forgetting to take the time to visit one of the many farms in the surrounding area, where you will be able to sample typical local products, including the famous Parmigiano Reggiano, prosciutto and delicious balsamic vinegar, along with some prepared dishes such as fresh pasta, or desserts.

We recommend trying these typical products of the Emilia Romagna region in a unique place, the Hombre farm, where in addition to discovering the flavors of our lands, you can also visit the private collection of the Panini Maserati Museum. In this way you will have a clear introduction to the way in which the decisive tastes of the Motor Valley have influenced the character of the Maserati models.

The richness of traditional Italian cuisine derives from raw materials of excellence: breakfasts, lunches, dinners or simple snacks are important moments in the Italian lifestyle, a moment of pause characterized by conviviality and Italian flavors. In Italy, Emilian cuisine is famed for its excellence in fresh pasta and desserts, and the Montana restaurant stands out among the many excellent restaurants in the area, as being the place where the Ferrari F1 champions not only celebrated and still celebrate their victories, but also recover from defeats. Who knows how many of its dishes inspired or saw the birth of winning ideas! Here the smells of the food are rich with the history of motoring and epic feats: if among the plentiful memorabilia on display you single out the chandeliers for a moment’s attention, you will see that they are beautiful tubular creations, evocative of the Formula 1 mufflers produced by Tubi Style. In fact, in Maranello there is a real community of enthusiasts, where mutual influences go beyond the normal boundaries of a work environment, and create a synergistic and stimulating system.

Italian Art & Beauty

As in all of Italy, art and beauty in Maranello and Modena are essential elements of the landscape, which find their culmination in the period of the Italian Renaissance. In every part of Italy you can see works of art, monuments and paintings in fairytale contexts and landscapes. Therefore it is not possible to identify a “lineup” of things to see. Our advice is to set out without a specific destination in mind – to look around you, and enjoy the vision of Italy that lies before you. If you are in the center of Modena, sit in a bar in the shadow of the Ghirlandina and allow your senses to become aware of the rhythms of the town, its people and things, in preparation for a leisurely stroll, lingering at the many wonders counted among the most beautiful places in Italy: the Duomo, the main square with its Palazzo Comunale, the Galleria Estense, the Palazzo Ducale (which saw the birth of the last Catholic queen of England), the Foro Boario, the Acetaia Comunale, the Municipal Theater (named after the great Pavarotti), and perhaps a visit to the Enzo Ferrari Museum.

art and cars in Modena
Italian Art and Cars in Modena

After this experience of the area, we assure you that you will see our work with different eyes.

The land of engines & Tubi Style exhaust systems

After having sampled the Modenese environment, it is only natural to imagine that a car born here must be the synthesis of what you have tasted and experienced: strong and unparalleled style, surrounded by beauty, give rise to cars with outstanding performance and unique design, characteristics of anything ‘Made in Italy’.

Motor enthusiasts can visit the Ferrari museums in Maranello and Modena, and admire the cars that have made history for the Prancing Horse brand. Tubi Style is present in this story in various ways: we have contributed to the restoration of many of the Ferrari Classic cars thanks to our experience, and in the GT world, we have equipped all the cars put forward by Michelotto, with whom we are Official Partners. These racing cars have participated in the GT championships from 1987 to today, and have made us a part of the many victories and many dramatic events that have contributed to building the Ferrari legend.

We have already mentioned the Maserati Panini collection: the Tubi Style exhausts in this case are uniquely found on the MASERATI 3200 GT Trofeo (2002), prepared by Italtecnica, which was followed by numerous collaborations with Maserati Corse in the most recent and successful period of the Trident’s history, including the most important as part of the MC12 project, which saw us as technical sponsors and multiple world champions in the queen category of the FIA GT

Another not-to-be-missed stop is the Lamborghini Automobili museum: an important testimony as to the intensity of the relationship between this region and cars, which has created great personalities and great ideas, summarized in the dualism between Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari. In this museum, in addition to finding the Miura – the car that defined the modern Supercar concept – you will be able to learn about various elements of Tubi Style Motorsport activity over time, such as the impressive exhaust system of the Lamborghini engine used by the off shore many time world champions of the Victory team, or the exhaust systems of the Diablo Jota and Diablo Super Trofeo, which marked the entry of the Lamborghini brand into the world of GT racing.

And if you seek the thrill of the track, the Marzaglia circuit offers you the chance to drive a Supercar such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche in a safe context, enabling the driver to understand, even if only partially, the sensations and emotions that the many pioneers of the Ferrari world have experienced on the track, and to lose yourself in this environment imagining these scenarios.

Ferrari museum in Maranello
Ferrari museum in Maranello

Discover the Tubi Style world in Maranello

Finally, our Tubi Style factories. We are a design and production company, and as such not properly set up for welcoming individual visitors who come to Maranello from the most distant regions of the world such as Canada or the States to follow their passion for Ferrari and for Italy, through the fascinating experience that we have tried to describe.

But the Tubi Style Brand is based on people’s passions, so sometimes we try to “open up” to groups such as fan clubs, or technical experts in our sector, showing them around our factories, and revealing the technological details and faces behind the components that equip the most prestigious cars in the world – both racing and road production. The most interesting stop on our visit is perhaps our prototype department, where Tubi Style’s most skilled craftsmen, who we prefer to think of as artists, carry out customization projects and upgrades of aftermarket exhaust systems, or restore priceless historic Ferrari cars.

F40 Tubi Style LM exhaust
Tubi Style LM exhaust system mounted on Ferrari F40

Bringing Maranello’s DNA to the world

Tubi Style, together with Ferrari, represents excellence in the automotive and motorsport fields, in the world of high-end cars in the Land of Motors.

Our mission is not only to export our exhaust systems for Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche however. It is also to ensure that the added value of the Made in Italy brand – of which we are ambassadors – reaches the customer also in terms of the relational element.

Our sales network is carefully established at the highest levels in terms of professionalism, not only technically speaking, but above all with regard to customer support at all stages: product choice, purchase and after-sales assistance.

We expect our representatives to embody our values, and to represent an authoritative voice that the customer can trust, guiding them through the sometimes confusing world of exhaust system tuning that is populated by many brands who employ marketing and communication strategies to sell products that lack real substance.

Tubi Style in Canada

We are proud to be represented in Canada by our distributor Jhonston Research and Performance, a company that has made excellence and technical skills the key to their growth since the 1980s to become the market leader in their sector today.

Whether you are a dealer who wants to join our sales network in Canada, or you are a customer interested in our products, we are sure that JRP will impress you with their professionalism and Italian-style warm welcome. A piece of Maranello, in the beating heart of Canada’s car industry.


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