Again in 2023 Tubi Style is proud to sponsor the Porsche Club GT championship, the most important Gentlemen’s championship in Europe. Also during this championship, the GT3 category will be named after Tubi Style, and we will give the winner a Porsche 992 GT3 muffler with a commercial value of over 5,000 euros.

In this championship we will sponsor the DL Racing team in particular, and our attention and care will be focused on Diego Locanto’s car, our Porsche Ambassador, which will be equipped with our most extreme exhaust, associated with specific and dedicated Tubi Style mapping.

Innovation this year for us is represented by our continuous presence on the field, thanks to our top Sicilian distributor MCM, who in 2022 proved to be the best in the Italian network, with the logistical support of the now legendary Serani, iconic support figure of the championship.

MCM has demonstrated over the past year that the ability to guide the customer towards tailor-made preparations built around our Tubi Style exhausts is a winning driver for sales not only of exhaust systems, but for the growth of a network of installers and satisfied customers.

The Tubi Style product is the only tuning product on the market to be born from the professional GT motorsport world, where we have won the 24h of Lemans several times and all the most important world competitions.

Gaetano Duro stood out in the tuning world because he didn’t limit himself to “assembling” the exhaust pieces that were brought to him or asked for, but he gave the best service by interpreting needs and proposing our particular and unique products to those clients whose profile was also uncommon: not only in sound, but technology, reliability and the prestige linked to the history of our Brand.

During all the dates of the season, MCM will be available to the Porsche Club GT Drivers for further information on our Brand and our products: in this regard, we remind you that all members of the Porsche Club GT championship during 2023 will be entitled to a 15 % on the entire Tubi Style product range ordered during the days of the championship events through MCM.

The coordination of this promotion is entrusted to Gaetano, who will guide you from choosing the most suitable product, up to delivery and support to your trusted installer.