Tubi Style KIA stinger full exhaust system parts: kat delete downpipes, central exhaust X pipes, rear mufflers with electric valve. The rear exhaust can be fitted both usingOE tips, or together with specific Tubi Style end tips for Kia Stinger, steel polished or with black ceramic coating.

Results (1)

  • Maximum power gain                   +38 hp
  • Maximum torque gain                   +30 Nm
  • Weight Saving                                  – 13 kg

The rear exhaust system is characterized by the Tubi Style valvetronic System. This system allows the customer to use two different sound levels on his car: a  quieter sound level (aligned to ECE guidelines) when the valve is closed,  and a louder sound when the valve is open. The valve can be opened thanks to the Tubi Style control unit, that allows the pilot to command the exhaust valve both using a remote control or the Tubi Style APP (available on iOS and Android)

This dual sound mode system permitted to Tubi Style to pass the ECE homologation test with the closed valve. ECE homologation is on going, and will be available at the begininning of 2019.


Every Tubi Style component is a bolt on solution that can be singly mounted to substitute the OE part. here is the list of the mounted parts:

  • TSKISTIN17.050.VC   mufflers kit with valvetronic system and Tubi Style control unit
  • TSKISTIN17.030.A      central X pipes kit (3)
  • TSKISTIN17.013.A       no kat downpipes kit  (4)
  • TSKISTIN17.023.A      steel polished end tips kit
  • TSKISTIN17.883.A      steel end tips kit with black ceramic coating

(1) power and torque results have been obtained on a roller bench. Results may vary on the base of different test instrumentation, test conditions, car setup. To achieve the best exhaust system integration, a specific ECU program has been used during the test.

(2) ECE homologation will be available only for the system when it is used without the remote. The remote is not street legal, because it makes possible to open the valve in a way that is different from the one that has been tested and homologated.

(3) to remove the OE central pipes may cause noise inside the cockpit.

(4)  to remove or substitute the OE catalytic converters may cause check engine light on. To remove OE parts is illegal and forbidden in many countries like California: the product does not meet emission compliance requirements for street or highway use.