The new Tubi Style muffler, specific to the Porsche 911 GT3 991.3 and the SPEEDSTER, is the direct result of our experience partnering with the Porsche Club GT championship.

Using the vehicle on the track has shown up a series of issues that the manufacturer is currently looking into. That is why Tubi Style has decided to proceed with developing a selection of products for this car in two different stages:

Stage 1 has already been completed, leading to the creation of a new “plug & play” muffler that can be mounted directly onto the standard catalytic converter / particulate filter unit. The muffler’s special features have been mainly designed for this stage while waiting for the evolutionary Porsches which will resolve the vehicle’s current issues:

  • the muffler keeps the motors on the standard valves in place, ensuring proper cooling and functioning
  • replacing only the muffler does not pose technical complications in any areas subject to revision by Porsche, linked to the GPF and lambda probes.

The muffler is built specifically to provide a solid system, a fantastic open-valve sound that still complies with vehicle registration certificate specifications when the valve is closed. That guarantees access to those tracks where noise emissions are measured in stationary vehicles and in type-approval conditions.

Reduced back pressure on the exhaust is concentrated in the catalytic converter / GPF unit. The straight pipe muffler is upstream of this unit, therefore also contributes to a technical improvement, especially in terms of reducing weight. It does not noticeably improve performance, which is required of the product to be developed in stage 2.

FOR WHOM IS THIS MUFFLER? This muffler is designed for all drivers who do not want to work on the ECU or other car features, nor go through any potential hassle with the car manufacturer, but who are looking for a better sound that will still be accepted at circuits with track day noise limits. It’s also for those who want improved technical specifications compared to the original part.

Stage 2 will involve developing a full range of performance exhausts, which will include manifolds, competition catalytic converters with GPF removal, mufflers and ECU remapping. This stage will be set in motion as soon as the series vehicle setup has been modified by the manufacturer.