The 512BB is the worthy successor of the 365 GT4/BB. First unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 1976, this iconic Ferrari is equipped with a 12-cylinder boxer engine with a displacement of nearly 5 liters. The engine remains in the rear, as in the previous version, and operates at the same power but at a lower RPM.

This car is a masterpiece by Leonardo Fioravanti and was coachbuilt by Scaglietti. The bodywork remains almost the same as the 365 GT4/BB, but new details make it more elegant and functional. Only 929 units were produced, while its successor reached 1,007 units in the market.

Today, the value of a 512BB typically auctioned is around €265,000.

The 512BB Restoration Project 

Tubi Style participated in the restoration project of an iconic 512BB, providing an exhaust system identical to the original, thanks to the company’s extensive experience in this field.

Like all vintage Ferraris, the 512BB has a dual nature: a classic soul, supported by Tubi Style’s dedicated restoration line, and a racing soul, enhanced by aftermarket solutions. The Tubi Style exhaust and manifolds, in particular, elevate the performance and sound of the 512, bringing the roar of the Ferrari 12-cylinder to a new dimension.

For the 512BB, Tubi Style offers two solutions: four pipes per bank, suitable for the original exhaust system, or two pipes per bank, inspired by the experience of the 512BB LM, the racing car derived from the road vehicle.

Between 1977 and 1981, the N.A.R.T. Scuderia, Charles Pozzi, and Francorchamps teams were the first to race these Ferrari cars, and it was Pozzi in 1981 who directed the 512BB to its best-ever placement: fifth place at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This car, now even more sought after, has reached a value of around €2 million.