Tubi Style introduces the programmable Valvetronic Exhaust Control Unit to allow you tailor the sound of your Ferrari or Maserati.

The Tubi Style Valvetronic Exhaust Control Unit works its magic on standard by-pass valves so you can either crank the soundtrack of your Italian supercar to the max or damp it down to suit your own requirements.



Discover the Tubi Style Valvetronic Control Unit mode of operation via remote control:

Mode 1 – Standard functioning.

Mode 2 –Always open. The by pass valve stays open, guaranteeing maximum sound output.

Mode 3 – Sports Driving. The Tubi Style Valvetronic Control Unit keeps the valve open when the driver steps on the gas pedal or brakes sharply. After 10 seconds of normal driving, however, the by pass valve returns to opening and closing as per Standard mode.

Mode 4 – Foot Off. The Valvetronic Control Unit opens the by pass valve every time you take your foot off the gas pedal, regardless of rpms. This means you get to enjoy the unique sound and exhaust features of your car’s engine.


Tubi Style uses the very best hardware which translates into firmware than can be easily updated at any time using a Bluetooth cell phone connection. The result: endless development and customization possibilities for your Tubi sound.

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