Ferrari 328 Exhaust System

Ferrari 328 Exhaust System

POWER:   +7,5 HP

TORQUE:  +9,5 Nm

WEIGHT:  -9 kg

The dyno result has been obtained on a 328 GTS (model without catalytic converter) with no ECU modifications, equipped with:
01028712000R  328 louder muffler
01028712070     328 complete headers set
01028712540     328 connecting pipes from the headers to the muffler

power and toruqe graph on a Ferrari 328 GTS (model without catalytic converter)

There are two different versions of 328, with two different Tubi Style product lines:

  • the 328 equipped with catalytic converter (USA, Australia and Japan markets)
  • the 328 without catalytic converter (other markets)

There are no differences between GTB and GTS Tubi Style products,that can be mounted on both versions.

328 GTB & GTS  without catalytic converter

  • 01028712000     muffler
  • 01028712000R  muffler, louder version
  • 01028712070     set of front and rear headers
  • 01028712470     front header
  • 01028712570     rear header
  • 01028712540     from headers to muffler connecting pipes01028712000-mufflers-328-no-kat

328 GTB & GTS  with catalytic converter

  • 01038711000      muffler
  • 01038711000R   muffler, louder version
  • 01038711010       competition test pipes set

01038711000r mufflers 328 kat

Here is a video of a Dyno Test activity done by one of our dealer

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